Serge Voltaire

The Shadow Man


Class: Illusionist
Level: 1
Race: Human
Age: 24
Appearance: 6
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs

AGI: 7
CON: 7
DEX: 9
STR: 6
INT: 10
PER: 7
POW: 9
WP: 8

Combat Stats:
Life Points: 100
Initiative: 60
AT: 4 Physical 0 Energy
Magic Projection: 90

Magic Stats:
MA: 60
Zeon: 445

Known Spells:
Protection Bubble
Stone Barrier
Produce Damage
Illusionary Invisibility
Detect Lie

Regeneration: 15

Maintained Spells:
Zandor (Familiar)
Concealment (140 MR/PsR, 150 Ki Conceal)
Shell (
4 AT)
Detect Lie (140 MR/PsR)

Phr: 35
DR: 35
VR: 35
MR: 50
PR: 40

Secondary Skills:
Acrobatics: 15
Composure: 30
Herbal Lore: 25
Medicine: 35
Persuasion: 75
Disguise: 45
Hide: 25
Theft: 25
Stealth: 25
Sleight of Hand: 50

The Gift
Supernatural Nature

Slow Learner 2

Destiny Points: 3


Serge was born to a rich family in The Dominion. His father was a wealthy merchant and his mother was a woman from the New Continent. She was long thought to be a simple herbalist, and did ply that trade, but little did even her husband know that she was steeped in the magic of Voudon. When Serge showed signs of also possessing this gift, she took him on “field trips” so she could explain where this power came from and how to control it. Unfortunately, this would not last.

When Serge was 10, his mother was discovered after she used her powers to save some children from a flood. The Inquisition was hot on the trail and managed to corner her. After a quick scuffle, she was rendered helpless. Serge managed to escape in the confusion, and witnessed the “justice” brought by the Christians he thought were his friends and protectors. His mother, father, and entire household were publicly executed the next day, burned at the steak.

Serge fled into the wilderness, carrying only what he managed to take from the house before the Inquisitors attacked. One object was a mysterious key that belonged to his mother. While in the woods, a strange creature appeared to him. It introduced itself as Ti-Jean-Zandor, a spirit from the New Continent that protected powerful members of the Voudon path. The spirit saw great potential in the boy, and offered a pact to see just how far he could go. Serge accepted, knowing he would need all the help he could get.

Now, Serge roams the land, plying his skills in herbalism and medicine to pay for food, and gather materials for his experiments with Voudon, his faithful friend by his side. He has little sympathy for Inquisitors and members of the Church, and avoids them at all costs. He also has no qualms in fooling and stealing from anyone he meets. If the people of the Holy Empire would so freely take his family away from him, then what was a few dozen coins between enemies?

Serge Voltaire

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