The Nicest Little Girl


Race: Devah
Class: Summoner
Level: 1
Appearance: 10
Age: 10
Hair: Light Red
EC: Light Green

Lord of Beasts (3)
Animal Affinity (1)
Unlimited Familiar (2)
Familiar (3)

Powerful Enemy (2)
True Sacrifice-Ability to Hate(2)
Insomnia (2)


Elsku doesn’t know much of her past. All that she knows her companion Tharon has told her. She arrived in the Icey Northern land a small baby. Tharon expressed to her how her parents had come to him in desperation running from the Inquisition. Apparently a small village of Devah’s had been living in relative peace and secrecy from the outside world. Unfortunately they where discovered by the Inquisition and all except for a few slaughtered. The few who survived ran, being hunted by the Inquisition. Elsku and her parents ran to the north, where Tharon met them. He allowed them to stay with him if they served him, so they were taken in his care. Unfortunately while doing things out side the cave the Inquisition found them and slaughtered them. Tricking them he led them to a crank in the ice killing them. Now left with a young child at this age 2 years of age, he would take care of her a support her sensing something untimely good about her. He decided to take care of her as he had a favor he would have to turn in later, perhaps she could be of more use than he would be. Slowly over time he came to care for her, and hopes that she will be well and safe, and keep her innocence as well.


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