Frankenstein's Monster


Class: Technician
Level: 1
Race: Human?
Age: 20
Appearance: 3
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow and Green (L&R)
Height: 9’
Weight: 2000 lbs

AGI: 9
CON: 10
DEX: 9
STR: 8
INT: 5
PER: 5
POW: 7
WP: 6

Combat Stats:
Life Points: 640
Initiative: 55
Attack: 90

Phr: 95
DR: 95
VR: 95
MR: 35
PR: 35

Secondary Skills:
Feats of Strength: 50
Jump: 30
Notice: 20
Intimidate: 30
Stealth: 30

Blood of the great beasts 3
Uncommon Size 1
Exceptional Physical Resistance 2

Severe Phobia (Fire)
Vulnerable to Heat
Exclusive Weapon (Natural)

Unusual Attack

Destiny Points: 3

  • Adam is one of the many creations of Doctor Franklin Victorsteen.
  • Dr. Victorsteen was a brilliant and talented surgeon who was very sure of his abilities. However, due to an unintentional slip of the hand, he caused the death of one of his patients.
  • To make amends for the life he had taken he swore to bring life back into the world to “restore the balance which I have disrupted!”
  • By combining his knowledge of anatomy with the mystical arts of alchemists, wizards, necromancers and various forms of magic, Dr. Victorsteen created many creatures which he considered failures.
  • Along with many fleshy abominations he created mindless zombies, chimera-like monstrosities, bloodthirsty vampires, and a humunculus he initially considered a success until he discovered that after five years of raising it that it had a cannibalistic disposition despite high intelligence. Many of these escaped his lab after reaching consciousness, wreaking havoc on the countryside. Any who remained in the lab were euthanized.
  • After nearly fifty years of harvesting body parts from graveyards, zoos, and science labs Dr. Victorsteen created “My Adam, my first perfect creation!”
  • Adam is essentially human but to survive the regeneration process he is partially made up of the harvested body parts (mostly organs and bodily tissue) of monsters. This, along with the doctor’s reanimation devices, have granted Adam inhuman strength, durability, an increased healing factor, and the ability to summon electricity.
  • For ten years he taught Adam how to live as a human but his lessons stopped abruptly after the Inquisition, lead to his castle by his first humunculus (he had been captured and tortured for the information) stormed Dr. Victorsteen’s lab and burned it to the ground. They pelted Adam with arrows and hoped the flames would consume him.
  • Adam survived thanks to a mysterious benefactor who intervened after the Inquisition retreated. This benefactor taught Adam how to defend himself and even control some of his powers.


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